As a Midwife Ira has been delivering services to Canberra's (Australian Capital Territory, Australia) women and their families since 2001. To-day, together with a clinical practice, she shares her wit and inspirations offering safe and powerful Aquanatal exercise to Canberra expecting women and postpartum Mums.

Research revealed that exercising 150 minutes per week brings the most significant health benefits to both, Mum and Bub. Also it is proven in medical trials that regular exercise in pregnancy reduces the risk of caesarean section and instrumental delivery. Exercising in the pool is not everyone's preference but if you love to feel weightless and be soothed by warm (32 degrees max temperature) water, you can take Aquanatal classes with a Midwife 3 times a week in different venues: Greenway-Tuggeranong, Belconnen and Gungahlin.

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NEW: 2021yearclasses welcome women, who are planning or trying to get pregnant!  Optimise your wellbeing before  conception.
 Learn wonders of Aquanatal exercise!
    Final for 2nd TERM  5 Aquanatal classes will start on 27/05  at 7PM.
      It's not late to join us!
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Exercising in water during pregnancy has been researched and revealed an amazing benefits for women. Please, check out our primary site and Facebook page @iramayaquanatalcanberra for an updated list of extensive benefits and references.   Water adds protective and supportive environment in that way that even heavily pregnant women can exercise safely "till labour sets in". Women - water exercisers - resort to less pain relieve in labour. That can reduce the chance of complications. Water dissolves stress and recharges body and mind in unique way that only water can do. Being exposed to exercise all over the year, especially in winter, helps to create

stronger non-specific immunity to resist seasonal colds.

Dancing in water and laughing along with other women, sharing stories and a bite-to-eat, being guided by practicing Midwife-instructor will immensely support your beautiful Self and your forming Little One.

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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia

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