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Hi! My name is Ira May and I wanted to be a nurse since I was 8. However, my choice of Midwifery as a profession has answered my youth's question: Where the babies were born from?...Yes, Yes... exactly! Where the babies were born from I have learned at 18! And since then I did not change my course in Midwifery being with women and their families in pregnancy, childbirth and portpartum. The pick of my passion was in Saint-Petersburg, when instead of marriage I have chosen study at university and work in Continuity of Midwifery Care. Then it had shined with brilliant outcomes of 5-10% of caesarian section rate and no epidurals! 

    "How come?"- you might ask.

It is a well known fact that Continuity of Midwifery Care improves labour and birth outcomes via mechanism of increased trust and stress reduction. However, to achieve even better outcomes takes more effort and time to invest. 

So, one of those investment vehicles is exercising during pregnancy, specifically in water! Research has found that in addition to various amazing benefits ( there is a great decrease of a need in pain relief in labour! That alone makes me think that women who regularly exercised during pregnancy are more resilient physically and mentally to use  labour coping techniques to their great advantage. 

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