CLASS SCHEDULE and prices:

Please be aware of Cancellation Policy.

NEW Program classes aim to start on 10th February and progress on Thursdays 7PM together with ACT school Terms.

Pls send  us email if you would like to book your spot.

PROGRAM with MIDWIFE, Clinician and Instructor, includes:

- 60-70 min exercise to build cardio stamina and resilience, pelvic floor preparation and core strength

- Ch/Birth Essential skills enhancement (face-to-face group discussions and FB private Group education to follow at your own time)

-PARTNERS join for FREE (if bookings permit) 

PROGRAM Groups are limited to a maximum of 12 participants to keep intimate atmosphere.

PROGRAM CLASSES offered in addition to classes at the place of your birth and recommended to parents having their FIRST BABY and WOMEN WANTING to achieve  BETTER BIRTH: VBAC and NORMAL BIRTH.

                     RESEARCH HAS REVEALED THAT PREGNANT WOMEN SHOULD EXERCISE 3                                                        times/week at least 150 MIN/WEEK! 




Please inquire about PRIVATE sessions in other venues and exercise at your own pool. 

Please be aware of Cancellation Policy.



TO JOIN AQUANATAL PROGRAM CLASSES is easy: download and pre-fill info in REGISTRATION and CLEARANCE FORMS (you will find both on Home page) and email them to


Ira May Family Massage Therapies and Aquanatal

BSB 082-923

Account Number: 70-604-1584




PRICE LIST Autumn 2022:



Dads and partners join for FREE if space permits.

Casual visit $40/class ( small pool entry fee also required)

$28/class - 10 weeks 10 classes Pass $280 + pool entry fee(not incl.pls pay to CISAC)

$30/class - 5 weeks 5 classes Pass $150 + pool entry fee(not incl, pls pay to CISAC).

No classes but just FB Education Group Membership $100/10 weeks.


                         Go cheaper with Bundles:

Aquanatal classes plus Pregnancy and/or Postnatal (after birth) Remedial massage support'sNew  Health funds avail.

                                It is the BEST VALUE!

BUNDLE 1: $150

Includes 1 casual class $40 + one 60 min Pregnancy massage treatment $110.

BUNDLE 2 : $250. 

Includes 5 Aquanatal program classes $140 ($28 per class)+ one 60min Pregnancy massage treatment $110.

BUNDLE 3:  $700. 

Includes 10 Aquanatal program classes $250($25 per class) + 5X60min Pregnancy massage treatments $450($90 per hr).


Price of casual massage treatment is $130/60 min. Health funds avail.

Negotiate your own Bundle. Treatments in bundles can be used by family members or friends.

Please be aware of Cancellation Policy.

FEES are paid after screening process is complete, and are non-refundable: if not fully used you can return to classes 6-10 weeks postnatally. Package or Bundle classes are for regular visits and cannot be used for casual visits. If not used, they are not transferable to next term. Make-up classes can be booked in any term and a matter of available spot.

In case of COVID closure, money will be refunded.

Women-participants are required to pay a SMALL POOL ENTRY FEE for use of their facilities (pass of 10 or 20 is the cheapest way to meet those fees)


Bring a friend, buy 2 passes and both get 5% discounts( excludes Bundles)

Pay before end of term you are enrolled in, and get 5% discount for next term.

Join classes after birth and get 10% discount.

Return to classes after birth and pay $15/class only.


CANCELLATION POLICY: you must cancel 24 hrs in advance via email to be eligible for a make-up class.   Otherwise, missed class is considered as a "no-show" class and charged accordingly. 

Make-up classes is a matter of availability: if there is no spot available in a paid term, you can catch up in a next term or after birth. Make-up class must be booked via email.

Please inquire how to SAVE further on with BUNDLED SERVICES: pregnancy and postpartum REMEDIAL THERAPIES and Aquanatal classes  ( ) Ask about Private Health Funds reimbursements.


Send us your inquiry via email.

                                                           ABN 67989437515

Our Services

  • Program class with a Midwife

    40 Australian dollars
  • CISAC, Bruce, Belconnen

    40 Australian dollars