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Plenty of time for a cup of tea, relaxing warm shower before "diving" into artistic atmosphere of plushy comfort, safety, colour, music and aroma. Blend of cold-pressed nourishing and moisturising oils prepared with your choice of essential oils added.

Pelvic girdle dysfunction and low back pains.

They might be result of pre-pregnancy deficiencies and misalignments. Pregnancy is a test for woman's musculoskeletal system and connective tissues integrity.

Carpal tunnel syndrome:

Series of treatments, postural and habitual modifications, and exercise will help to manage this condition. See a newest approach with life-lasting outcomes on

SIJ (sarcoiliac joint) dysfunction.

SIJ (sarcoiliac joint) dysfunction and hip pains are assessed, treatment plan and home exercise programme recommended.

Shoulders and neck pains are very frequent symptoms in pregnancy.

Posture here might be at fault. Assessment and then corrections, as a part of treatment plan, applied. Such massage treatments performed with luxurious relaxation and aroma oils.

Head aches during pregnancy.

They can be of various reasons, from very simple to complex ones. Usually they are benign and easy to manage.

Prone massage after 20 weeks.

Pregnancy treatments performed in lateral, reclined, sitting or prone positions. Safety measures and comfort ensured at all times.

Ira May Family Therapies treatments can be shared!

Share and save: between whole family, mum, dad, grandparents and even friends! Great quality, low price of treatment and ability to claim from private health fund.

When baby is born, postnatal recovery treatment is very popular.

It is a SPECIAL EVENT, when mum and baby receive massage at the same time!

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